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LED chip prices return to rational domestic manufacturers continue to expand production pace

Recently, a message on the mainland sellers raise a Babel of criticism of EPISTAR, crystal ingot morning photoelectric release price contact letter.

Letter content shows that due to the recent increase in raw materials and labor costs, the company has more than the current cost of accounting, so plans to gradually increase the current chip prices in the sale of some.
Reduction of market prices to return to rational?
In fact, crystal electric from the second half of last year has been cut by 25%, to stabilize the prices of LED chips.
In addition, Samsung Electronics, Cree and other international companies were also made selective production decisions, Cree is substantially reduction of output, high power chip synchronous cut 25%, to ease LED industry supply and demand imbalance situation and prices falling pressure.
Came this year in March, according to Taiwan's "commercial times" reported, LED chip first appeared hike about 10% of the accidents, which since last year began prices continued to decline, particularly in the LED chip industry, is rare in.
"Last year the LED lighting chip prices decline in the larger, the price rose is not structural factors, the judge is because inventories are too low incentive to restocking buying, causing prices to rise." EPISTAR chairman Li Bingjie said.
In fact, from the beginning of the crystal electric orders back to temperature from March to March revenue of NT $(NT), compared with February increased by 35.8%, since May last year, the high point, the cumulative first quarter revenue of $, the annual reduction of only 8.9%.



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